About counselling

Often the way we present ourselves to the world is at odds with how we’re feeling inside.   Internal conflicts or problems can leave us lonely, confused, or overwhelmed and we may look for the help and support of someone outside our private life to talk to. A counsellor will listen in different ways to family or friends.

Counselling is a uniquely personal experience, offering a regular time and space to think about our life. It can help us to identify and work with our concerns in an accepting and reflective atmosphere.  Any underlying difficulties may be explored safely within the therapeutic relationship, opening up possibilities for change.

Counselling can be supportive and creative when we need to make choices.  New perspectives may challenge old ways of thinking and help to make sense of certain feelings or behaviours, including how we deal with close relationships, responsibilities, or areas in our life that are hard to manage or relate to. 

With counselling we hope to gain a deeper understanding of our self and our situation.  This awareness can influence our decisions and the ways we respond to people and events.  It can bring a sense of inner strength and emotional wellbeing, helping us to create the changes we need in our life.